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Religious Studies Major

The Religious Studies Program (RELS) Major consists of 33 credit hours of course work split between required course work, approved electives, and a Senior Seminar Capstone Course. Students must pass all major class requirements with a "C" or better.  A maximum of 12 transfer credit hours may be applied to the major.  Exceptions to the major/minor requirements are made at the discretion of the Program Director.

The goal of our program is to develop within our students the ability to identify and discuss disciplinary perspectives on religion. To achieve this outcome, the student will work in three areas of discipline: Textual Inquiry, Religion in a Social & Cultural Context and Comparative Approaches. We are an interdisciplinary program, which means we draw from a tapestry of departments on campus. Because we draw from a spectrum of departments, our degree offers a student a broad comprehension of religious traditions. The combination also equips the student with the ability to critically assess and synthesize the approaches to religious studies. For that reason, it is required that elective courses must be spread across at least three departments within our approved course list

The RELS Major is comprised of 3 components:

1.  Required Introductory Courses
Complete the following three (3) courses:

 RELS 3620 - Current Issues in Religious Studies
 PHIL 3600 - Philosophy of Religion
 PHIL 3640 - World Religions

2.  Religious Studies Electives

A total of 21 credit hours (7 courses) are required for this section of the RELS Major.  Courses must be from the approved course list.  All of the electives for this section must be a 3000 level or higher course number.  The list will include a selection of courses representing:

 Textual Inquiry
 Religion in a Social and Cultural Context
 Comparative Approaches

RELS Senior Seminar

The Senior Seminar is an independent study.  RELS Majors must consult with the Program Director about the nature of their seminar before enrolling for the course.

 RELS 4990 - Religious Studies Capstone  

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