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Black, White, and Mormon II Conference

A conference on Race in the LDS Church since the 1978 revelation.

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Nathan P. Devir publishes New Children of Israel

Nathan P. Devir has just published New Children of Israel: Emerging Jewish Communities in an Era of Globalization (Salt Lake City: The University of Utah Press, 2017).

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Nathan P. Devir Publishes “African Judaizing Movements and the Question of Polygamy: Perspectives from Cameroon.”

The article examines the theological, cultural, and sociohistorical underpinnings of the custom of polygamy as it is practiced among so-called “Judaizing” or “neo-Jewish” movements in rural Cameroon.

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Brandon R. Peterson Has Published "Being Salvation: Atonement and Soteriology in the Theology of Karl Rahner"

Being Salvation unfolds the place of Jesus within the thought of Karl Rahner, one of the most influential Catholic theologians of the last hundred years.

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