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Islamic Studies

In conjunction with Middle East studies, the Religious studies program at the UU encourages interested students to build a focused curriculum in Islamic studies. This emphasis does not yet grant an actual degree, but it allows students to organize their coursework around a specific tradition and an area of research; such a focus proves very helpful for graduate school applications. Along with classes on Islam, the Middle East, and the broader Muslim world, students can enhance their profile in taking Arabic. A wide variety of courses are offered on campus in history, political science, anthropology, cultural studies, etc. An emphasis in Islamic studies can valuably be paired with an emphasis in Jewish studies. The Religious studies program is exploring the possibility of adding in the future a minor in Islamic studies.

Examples of classes following under Islamic studies


 ANTH 3131 Peoples/Culture Mid E

Cultural studies:

 CLCS 3900 Religious Conflict in M.E.
 CLCS 4900 Indo-Pakistani Religious Div
 CLCS 4970 Muslim-Americans in U.S.
 CLCS 6660 God, Love, & Mysticism


 HIST 3400 Middle East Since 1914
 HIST 3550 India: Empire & Religion
 HIST 4005 Ancient Israel & Pale
 HIST 4420 The Crusades
 HIST 4400 Introduction to Islam
 HIST 4990 Islamic Origins

Middle East studies:

 MID E 3649 Comp Religion/Politics
 MID E 3713 Peoples/Cultures M.E.
 MID E 3880 Major Trends in Modern Islam
 MID E 3880 Political Violence/Terrorism
 MID E 4520 Introduction to Shi’ism

Political science:

 POLS 5080 Islamic Law

For existing models of Islamic studies minor or major, see:

 Swarthmore College
 Vanderbilt University
 University of Washington


Last Updated: 7/28/16