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Jewish Feminism and Intersectionality
Marla Bretschneider, UNH

Tuesday, September 26th 2017
12:25 PM - 1:45 PM
LNCO 2110

Marla Brettschneider's lecture will explore Intersectionality as a
framework and the role of Jews in this work. Among the questions it will examine are the following: 
What is Intersectionality? 
How does it operate theoretically and for activists on the ground?
What roles have Jews played in Intersectionality? 
Why are Jewish history and experience important to include in Intersectionality work?
Dr. Marla Brettschneider is Professor of Political Philosophy with a joint appointment in Political Science and Women’s Studies at the University of New Hampshire. She teaches, speaks, and publishes widely on diversity politics generally and Jewish diversity politics specifically. Her books include Jewish Feminism & Intersectionality, The Jewish Phenomenon in Sub-Saharan Africa, The Family Flamboyant: Race Politics, Queer Families, Jewish Lives, and Democratic Theorizing from the Margins.

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