Religious Studies Program


Academic Advisor:
Copeland Johnston. For an appointment
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Senior Seminar

April 15, 2015
11:30 am - 1:00pm

Tanner Humanities Center Jewel Box

Lunch will be provided

Summer & Fall 2015


maeeras class

Message From The Program Director



Dear RELS Students,
I am writing to tell you about a very exciting opportunity. As you may know,  Salt Lake City will be hosting the 2015 Parliament of the World Religions.
     In October over 4,000 people from all faiths and from around the world will gather here  to celebrate, listen ,learn and work together in the spirit of interfaith exchange.
     Hosting an event of this magnitude is expensive; so registration is pricey.  BUT as an RELS major you can attend FREE! How? By signing up to be a Parliament Student Fellow. This is a unique opportunity to volunteer at the Parliament (20 hours –October 15th-19th). In turn, you will be able attend any session you wish  (including the plenary session with the Dali Lama ), meet other students with shared interests, and receive all kinds of goodies (t-shirts and such) designating YOU as a Parliament Fellow.  Not to mention being able to put it on your resume.
     So, what do you have to do ? --- just write back and tell me ( that you will be able to attend (the Parliament coincides with our fall break!). I will check back with you in the fall to confirm your participation.
     I am so pleased that we are able to offer this opportunity. It is an extraordinary chance to really discover so much about your field of study.

I look forward to hearing from you soon…
Maeera Shreiber
Associate Professor, Department of English
Director of Religious Studies
I include here a bit more information about the event:  
What:     The 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions
When:    October 15 - 19, 2015
Where:   Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
The Parliament is the oldest, the largest, and the most inclusive gathering of people of all faith and traditions.
The first Parliament took place in 1893. Since, this historic event has taken place in Chicago, USA  • Cape Town, South Africa  • Barcelona, Spain  • Melbourne, Australia - and now in Salt Lake City, Utah!
Who Should Attend?
If you care for religions and nations working together in harmony with each other for the good of humanity, you should attend.
You must attend...
...if you are concerned about wars, terrorism, and hate,
...if you care for creation or are worried about climate change,
...if you are troubled by the widening wealth gap and wasteful consumption
...Because there will be Nobel Laureates, experts, religious leaders, master trainers and activists at the Parliament who will share their opinions with you in panels, workshops, and plenaries on these issues.
You will also find:
  • Trainings in dialogue, interfaith activism, fundraising, and organizing
  • World-class religious music, films, exhibits and performances
  • And shop ethnic, international, religious books & things