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Religion & Conflict Studies

With its two new programs in Religious studies and Peace and Conflict studies, the UU seems to be in an excellent position to explore the intersection between Religion and Conflict. Students at the UU who are interested in this topic are encouraged to build a curriculum, either through Religious studies or Peace and Conflict studies (Minor or Major), focusing on related themes. Such an expertise represents an ideal complement for students in International studies or Political Science for instance.

In response to 9/11, the relationship between religion, conflict, and violence has been at the heart of many publications among journalists, scholars of religions, and politicians. At the same time, a growing number of studies have researched the role of religion in peacebuilding initiatives. In this context, a solid training in both Religious studies and Peace and Conflict studies uniquely equipped students for an international political and/or military career. Senior U.S. officials have identified the need for future policy makers, religious leaders, and operational personnel to be able to exercise P&C skill sets (conflict resolution, conflict management, peacemaking, and peacebuilding skills) with a greater sensibility to religious topics.

UU students interested in designing such a curriculum for themselves should contact the director of either Peace and Conflict studies or Religious studies to discuss available options. Both programs are exploring the possibility to formalize this area of study by creating in the near future a track or concentration in Religion and Conflict.

Examples of courses that can fit under this area of study:

ANTH 4138 Anthropology of Violence and Non-Violence
 CLCS 3900 Religious Conflict in M.E.
 CLCS 4900 Indo-Pakistani Religious Div
 COMM 5150 Dialogue & Cultural Studies
ETHNC 3450 Intergroup Relations: Our Prejudices & Stereotypes
 ETHNC 3400 Intercultural Communication
 HIST 4420 The Crusades
 HIST 4430 The Middle East: Nation States
HIST 4750 U.S. Foreign Relations: Colonial Era to1898
 HIST 4760 U.S. Foreign Relations: 20th Century
 PHIL 3640 World Religions
 PHIL 3730 Justice & International Affairs
POLS 3420 Islam and Politics (3)
 POLS 3490 Religion & Politics in Comparative Perspective
 POLS 5450 Political Violence/Terrorism

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Last Updated: 7/28/16